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The era of Dropouts

This is an exciting and new way to bring rap culture into the NFT space. When you join the Dropout Bears you will get an original one-of-one piece of art and have exclusive access to the DropoutDAO. DAO members will gain access to exclusive chats, a way to vote on future plans of the project and get access to our future collections coming with the Dropout University collective at a discounted price. Our primary focus will be building a strong, diamond handed community and continue to bring value to those involved long into the future.
  • Dropout Bears


Dropout University is a collection
of 808 Dropouts living on the Solana
All of the Dropouts are one of a kind. No
two are the same. While all Dropouts
are unique, some will be rarer
than others.

  • Dropout Bears


We are not just an NFT product.
We strive to focus on the future
development of our Dropouts and build
a strong creative community.
Holding a Dropout allows you
to participate in coordinating the
Dropout Community

Phase 1 - Q1 2022

➡ Refund everyone the difference from previous mint. (voted via DAO)
➡ Rebrand to Dropout University
➡ Build a bigger team and grow our community
➡ Market and grow on social media platforms
➡ Giveaway whitelist spots to other DAO's and to followers of our twitter
➡ Continue to grow naturally and continue to build a tight knit community of people who enjoy everything from NFT's to music!
➡ Release the first collection of the Dropout University collective, ‘Dropout Bears’ at 0.5 SOL on March 31st.

Phase 2 - Q1 2022

➡ Release staking platform shortly after mint, brought to you by Bored King.
➡ 100 SOL from first mint added to the liquidity pool.
➡ Hold 1 Dropout Bear to earn $TUITION.
[1 Bear = 30 $TUITION/day]
➡ Formation of the DropoutDAO. Holders of Dropouts will be given an exclusive opportunity to be included in our DAO. We value community and want to include our holders of this project as much as possible when it comes to the direction of this project. We will also deposit 10% of every mint to the DAO wallet, and 10% of royalties on aftermarket sales for every collection will be sent to the DAO wallet WEEKLY. This should incentivise you paperhand bitches to not list immediately!
➡ When we mint out, Dropout Bears as a collection has already been pre-approved by MagicEden and will be listed shortly after minting out. We are also in talks with AlphaArt for listing on there secondary market place
➡ Hold any amount of $TUITION and hold at least two bears by the time of our snapshot to be airdropped our second collection, 'Dropout Giraffes', this will happen at a random time between the 1st and 13th of May.
➡ Hold 1 Dropout Giraffe to earn $TUITION.
[1 Giraffe = 22 $TUITION/day]
➡ We will also have a mint on May 13th, of 999 Giraffes on top of the airdrop.
[Mint Price TBD]
➡ No matter what, another 100 SOL to LP.

Phase 3 - Q2 2022

➡ Hold at least one giraffe and at least two bears and any amount of $TUITION by the time of our second snapshot to be airdropped the third collection, 'Dropout Cats', this will happen at a random time between the 17th of June and the 1st of July
➡ Hold 1 Dropout Cat to earn $TUITION
[1 Cat = 18 $TUITION/day]
➡ We will also have a mint on July 1st, of 1111 Cats on top of the airdrop.
[Mint Price TBD]
➡ We will then hold a DAO vote to decide the fourth collection launching in our Dropout University collective
➡ Hold at least one NFT from every previous collection in the Dropout University collective and any amount of $TUITION by the time of our snapshot to be airdropped this fourth collection, this will happen at a random time between the 5th and 19th of August
➡ Hold 1 Dropout ??? to earn $TUITION
[9 $TUITION/day]
➡ We will also have a mint on August 19th, 2222 of the decided Dropout on top of the airdrop

Phase 4 - Q3 2022

➡ We will then hold another DAO vote to decide the FIFTH and FINAL collection launching in the Dropout University collective
➡ Hold at least one NFT from every previous collection in the Dropout University collective and any amount of $TUITION by the time of our snapshot to be airdropped this fifth collection, this will happen at a random time between the 30th of September and the 14th of October
➡ Hold 1 Dropout ??? to earn $TUITION
[6 $TUITION/day]
➡ We will also have a mint on October 14th, of 3333 on top of the airdrop
➡ We will then take some time to hire the appropriate artists and expand our team as we get ready to take this project into the metaverse

Phase 5 - Q3 2022

➡ Our idea is this, we are going to drop a collection of 808 Degrees, which will turn into our 3D collection, 'The Graduates', with a staking multiplier for the Dropout University Collective. It will multiply $TUITION payouts of ALL of your staked Dropouts. For example, 1 Graduate will multiply your Dropouts by 1.5x, 2 Graduates will multiply your Dropouts by 2x, 3 Graduates will multiply your Dropouts by 2.5x
➡ The Degrees can only be MINTED and it will work like this: There will be 4 different levels of rarity that will represent the 4 different levels in getting your college degree. Associates (Common), Bachelors (Rare), Masters (Epic), Ph.D (Legendary)
➡ We will have the Degrees come out on aftermarkets and then be revealed maybe a week or two later revealing your Graduate, which could be from any collection but 3D
➡ With the 3D collections we also want to be metaverse ready so you can be your Graduate in metaverse applications

Phase 6 - Q4 2022

➡ Merch purchasable with $TUITION in our store. (Varsity Jackets, Tees, Hoodies)
➡ Merch would be customizable to pick which Dropout you want on your merch
➡ Dropout Dorms, a customizable metaverse room that is home to your Graduates, can only be purchased with $TUITION, and that $TUITION will be burned.
➡ The work doesn’t stop there. We want to push this project as far as possible and be as successful as possible but we won’t get there without you, the community
[Mint Price TBD]
➡ We want to reiterate that community is important to us and we will do everything in our power to make this a community based project
➡ Thanks for reading our roadmap! Come back after we finish phase 5 to see more updates!

staking info

➡ With each collection, it will come with a multiplier that affects your daily $TUITION income while staked.
- Bears 30 $TUITION/day
- Giraffes 22 $TUITION/day
- Cats 18 $TUITION/day
- TBA 9 $TUITION/day
- TBA 6 $TUITION/day
➡ You will be able to withdraw your earned $TUITION on a weekly basis.
➡ $TUITION will have multiple real world use cases, including buying merch on our store, it can also be swapped for USDC via raydium.

Now, for what
you've all been
waiting for -

➡ There will be a max supply of 80,800,000 $TUITION to ever exist that will be distributed over the course of 2 years
➡ 65% of total supply will be left for staking rewards (52,520,000 $TUITION)
➡ 15% of total supply will be allocated for liquidity (12,120,000 $TUITION)
➡ The total Supply of $TUITION that will be allocated for liquidity is 20%. This will incorporate 16.1M tokens to be listed on DexLab and Raydium for the ease of purchase and selling.
➡ 10% of total supply will be held for our burning mechanism with the ‘Dropout Dorms’ (8,080,000 $TUITION)
➡ We will be releasing Dropout Dorms Q1 2023 which will be a metaverse room for ‘The Graduates’. This Dropout Dorm NFT will only be purchasable with $TUITION and all the $TUITION used for minting the Dorms will in turn be burnt.
➡ 5% will be held in our $TUITION reserve (4,040,000 $TUITION)
➡ We will hold this $TUITION for the community and to take care of any unforeseen circumstances
➡ 5% will be allocated to marketing / airdrops (4,040,000 $TUITION)
➡ This allocation of $TUITION will be used for marketing, exposure activities, promotions, and to scale the reach of the project. As well as giving back to the community via giveaways / community events
➡ From the time each project is launched up until ‘The Graduates’ launch (staking multi) we would distribute 17M $T / 52.5M $T as staking rewards. Once ‘The Graduates’ release in December 2022 we are offering a staking multiplier for each Graduate staked. 1 Graduate = 1.5x $T, 2 Graduates = 2x $T, 3 Graduates = 2.5x $T. Once ‘The Graduates’ are released with a staking multiplier, staking rewards are scheduled to last 1 more year.

We want to remind you that this is just a base of what we want to do. Dropout Bears is a community driven project so we are open to any and all ideas! BUT IT’S STILL UNDERPROMISE OVERDELIVER!



Visual artist based in Lubbock, Texas


Marketing Manager
Degen based in SoCal

Cat King

Owner/Founder of Cat Cartel


Social Manager out of Illinois


More team members coming soon


More team members coming soon
  • Dropout Bears



An incredibly talented and gifted digital artist.
Currently at Texas Tech in his third year in Tech's
notorious graphic design program. Stack has worked
on anything from ad's and marketing to games and
development. Currently working for 1047 Games,
working on Splitgate as a weapon artist. Was
briefly introduced with NFT's and Solana in late
2021 and was instantly hooked. He loves digital
art and music and he's combined the love of both
into one project. Stack's main role is the artist but
is also the CEO, directing everything.

  • Dropout Bears



An experienced community manager. Working in Discord servers since
late 2017 as a moderator / community lead. Been invested in crypto
since early 2018 with small amounts of money that have grown exponentially
over time. Got introduced to the Solana ecosystem last year and
got into the Solana NFT space around September of 2021 and
made good profits from projects such as GGSG, MMCC
and Piggy Sol Gang. With the Dropout Bears, Axdamx’s main role
will be Business / Marketing Manager.

"What if Ye says to take it down?" Don't be worried we planned for this! There is a guideline in copyright and IP rights, as long as the original art was changed by more than 60%, you're in the clear. It is a small but not commonly known loophole in copyright law. We actually did as much as we could to make the bear different by more than 60% but still recognizable as to what it is. We changed the head shape, ear shape, mouth and snout shape, nose shape, and body shape. Technically that puts us far past 60% so let your worries rest, we've done our research and hired a legal team just incase! Here is a quote from said legal council: "The concept is similar but according to copyright law, it is legal and suit proof. Plus, the art style has changed which helps give it an extra boost in originality.".

The first drop, 'Dropoout Bears', can be minted for 0.5 SOL on March 31st, 2022

Buying a Dropout will give you access to our DropoutDAO which will allow members access to exclusive chats, allow members to vote on important matters and also give members the chance to mint one of our further projects associated with the Dropout University collective at a reduced price. The DropoutDAO will be exclusive to holders of Dropouts.